Magic Mirrors SS23-24

Smiling Skull Neckpiece

Coiled Serpent Ring Rhodolite and Kyanite

Mr.Bones (Pink Tourmaline)

Peyote Bird Neckpiece (Prasiolite)

Popcorn Flora Earrings

Magic Mirror ring (peachy pink edition)

Eternal Sunshine Earrings deluxe edition

Coiled Serpent Ring Chrome Diopside and Ruby

Smiling Skull Earrings

Mushroom Kisses

Looking Glass Ring (deep pink)

Peyote Bird Neckpiece

Coiled Serpent Ring Opal & Chrome Diopside

Magic Mirror Ring (green edition)

Looking Glass Ring (sweet pink)

Popcorn Flora Earrings

Love Key Earrings

Eternal Sunshine Earrings

Peyote Bird Neckpiece (welo opal)

All products made in Melbourne.

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